welcome to our sanctuary. welcome to your sanctuary. welcome to my sanctuary.

over the past years, I’ve been on a journey. and I never knew where this journey were supposed to lead me. all I knew was  that I wanted to find love, connection, security, fulfillment. as most people, I were sure that I could only find those things.. through another person. I were sure that another person (the right one) would be able to provide me with those things. wow. crazy. isn’t it? to make yourself – knowingly – completely dependent on another human being.

I met many people, more than once thought “yes! this is the one. now I can be happy forever.”, each time the universe tried to show me the truth, by taking this person away from me, and with them – taking my fulfillment, love, security, happiness. felt like everything being taken away from me. and I never got it. I always asked myself why this is happening to me.

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so I tried to develop myself, become emotionally strong, not dependent. it helped me a lot, but still, I didn’t quite get the big secret. the secret which is, that nobody can provide you with love. nobody can provide you with security. nobody can provide you with fulfillment. only you can provide yourself. only you can give love to yourself.

what happens when we make another soul responsible for our level of happiness? we don’t only get attached, we get addicted. this person has the drug we want to badly, and we are powerless addicts. doing anything just to get our daily dose of the drug. this person has complete power over us. and we.. have no power. we just sit there, scared that they will leave and take our beloved drug with them. do you really think this is a good foundation for a relationship? a good foundation for love? a good foundation for your happiness? I don’t think so.

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not long ago, I finally got a hold of this truth. it just hit me one day. that only I am supposed to provide myself with all those things I’ve been hungry for for so long. they flow through me endlessly, but I never used them. all this love in my body which could have satisfied my need – it pushed it away, threw it away – as if it were nothing. I am so sorry.

in ourselves is a spring, providing us with everything we need. so much, that we could provide this whole world. and we can. but first, we have to provide ourselves. which is easy, once you allow it. it will just flow and flow and flow. you will be bursting. there is so much love inside of yourself, that you will never need anybody again, once you allow the spring to offer you.

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so.. what does this mean? this means, that you will never again depend on someone else when it comes to how you feel. no attachment. ever again. and, a wonderful thing, you will finally be able to connect with other souls in the most beautiful way possible. without needing anything from them, no expectations. you will just love them for who they are. connect with them. thats it. you will not wait for them to make you happy, you will not fear that they leave you. you will finally be able to just see them. 

so what exactly is our sanctuary?

our sanctuary will give you space to get to this point. we are here to bring each other to that point. and of course, we are here to find real human interconnection. real friendships. helping each other grow. inspiring each other. loving each other unconditionally.

  • the newsletter – there will be monthly topics on which we work. I will provide pdfs with tasks, meditations, affirmations and information. for us to learn and grow. evolve to a higher frequency. its like a online course through which we are all working together in order to enhance our growth.
  • coaching. I don’t really like the word, but it’s basically me skype-calling with you and giving tips fitting your unique and personal situation. how long you want, how often you want. you know best what you really need. I just felt so called over the past months to share my “knowledge”, to share my experiences, to share what I learned from my journey. coaching you gives me the opportunity to share those in a safe space, somewhere where I can be sure that the person I am sharing them with really wants to know, really wants to change. is ready.
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once again. thank you for being here. please, go thank yourself. value yourself for taking this huge step and for being ready to make a change. even if you still feel like you are not ready – that you are here is evidence enough. your soul knows where to go to get where it needs to be.

I see you. 


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