hey love – nice to meet you!

Who am I?

My name is Sarah and I am twenty years young. I live in Germany and currently study German Studies and Philosophy – I also take courses in Psychology! Since first grade I LOVE reading, there are honestly some nights (to be honest there are many nights) where I just can’t stop reading and before I even realize it – it’s 3am, ups. I always were into fantasy books and nothing can beat Harry Potter, don’t fight me on this. Since 2 years I really enjoy reading books about Self Improvement, Self Help and everything educating, basically. I also love doing Yoga, taking walks through nature, writing (obviously) and just learning new things. I am really into Spirituality, Religion and Women Empowerment – I love that stuff!

What is this Blogs’ Purpose? 

It is for every women trying overcome her self doubt, limiting believes and difficult outer/inner circumstances, it is for every women striving to become the greatest version of herself and creating the life they always dreamed of. It is for those not settling for less than they really desire and deserve! It is for the woman who wants to learn more, do more and be more.


How will I help you? 

Well, of course with putting out great, helpful content in form of blogposts. But that is not all I have to offer! I am currently working on an eBook full of content about Self-Development.

And if you got any certain questions, please – never feel uncomfortable to write me an eMail. I realize that maybe reading a Blogpost is not enough to put you out of a bad situation and if you ever feel the urge to get a direct message from me to you about your problem – know that you can always reach out to me!

My Email Address for this purpose is: contact@searchserendipity.com 


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