welcome to your sanctuary. 

you came here for a reason. trust your intuition, allow your inner guidance to bring you where you need to be. 

so let us find out what brought you here, why you were guided to this sacred space. 

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do you love yourself? are you living your truth? have you found your soul tribe? are you expressing yourself through creativity? have you found your life purpose and started living it? 

if even one answer has not been a loud “yes”.. it is no wonder that you came here. because search serendipity is able to change your life. better said: you are able to change your life through search serendipity.

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search serendipity will help you unleash your inner power, heal yourself, create a healthy life, find your soul tribe, live your truth, start creating, fall in love with yourself and life, connect to everything around you. 

Blogposts: weekly blogposts on important themes, to increase you in knowledge, to help you practice important practices, to show you what your right way could easily look like, to inspire your growth. 

Newsletter: a monthly email to inspire you for the upcoming month and to help you find the right way of living it. monthly topics guided by a pdf which I created so we can work on ourselves – together, including texts, tasks, meditations, affirmations and lots more.

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Poetry: my way of letting creativity flow through me. my way of sharing my experience. my way of working with my wounds. a way to help you heal. 

thank you. for being here. you are so valued and loved. 

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help me to keep making this possible by clicking on the button below. everything I offer (besides life coaching) is completely free for everyone. I love doing this and I don't want to change it. But even I, guess what, need to make a living. donating to me would be of great value and I would be forever grateful, however - this is completely up to you. Thank you.